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futurefact is an independent and home-grown South African survey. It has tracked the major forces and mindsets shaping the country since 1998 – an unrivalled database on diverse attitudes of the population to key issues of the times. With distinctive depth, futurefact covers political and socio-economic beliefs, lifestyle and brand consciousness, media and social media, as well as communications and technology.




By revealing the forces driving South African society futurefact enables businesses and organisations make informed shifts in strategy and focus - and develop content and messaging in tune with their target sectors’ mindsets.


Each year the range of topics covered adapts to the current pulse of the nation, with the relevant issues being identified and probed in the survey.  Some questions that are key to understanding the significant trends and dynamics of the market are routinely asked in our annual surveys - such as the important dynamic of social mobility.


futurefact is a comprehensive and unique tool for differentiating brands at a deeper level using psychographics and attitudinal metrics.  This enables media, marketers and advertisers to refine their product and brand offering to effectively resonate with selected core consumers. 


Fieldwork was conducted in March 2019.



Jos Kuper is a research professional with four decades of South African and global experience. In 2001, she founded Kuper Research which became a leading media and socio-political research consultancy. Jos is also a director of futurefact, the psycho-social survey that has been monitoring the significant social, political and economic attitudinal trends in South Africa since 1998. The many analyses and publications arising from the survey have covered defining issues such as social mobility, political and social drivers, the evolving digital society, key consumer attitudes and prevailing views of the media.



Lauren Shapiro has been in the research industry in various guises for around 30 years.  She has partnered with Jos Kuper at Kuper Research for over 14 years and is one of the directors responsible for the futurefact survey that monitors the significant media, social, political and economic attitudinal changes in South Africa. She  has also been instrumental in numerous futurefact publications and analyses, many of which are bespoke for differing clients with a focus on relevant data including social, political and media aspects.  Lauren has specialist skills in media analysis using a variety of technological programmes. 



Brenda Wortley is a media specialist with 30 years of experience covering agency, sales and audience measurement with expertise in Return Path Data and television research across Africa. She worked for Dstv Media Sales and then Multichoice for 11 years heading up research initiatives.  Brenda has worked extensively with Kuper Research and futurefact on a range of projects. She is now a consultant based in Johannesburg working on a variety of local projects as well as with 3M3A a global media auditing consultancy.


Who we are



Subscription to futurefact 2019 (Full Electronic Access)

​futurefact fieldwork is funded entirely by subscriptions to the survey but does offer alternative ways to access its extensive databases. 

A subscription gives subscribers electronic access to the full set of futurefact 2018 data plus all previous surveys through one of their usual software suppliers such as Telmar, Infosense, eighty20, SoftCopy, Clear Decisions and SPSS. 

Subscription to futurefact 2019 (Partial Electronic Access)

This option includes an access fee which gives subscribers access to the survey data (though not direct electronic access) via a tailor-made (though limited) interrogation of the futurefact database by a futurefact specialist.

Bespoke questions in survey

futurefact full subscribers are able to include a maximum of FIVE bespoke / confidential questions.


​Designed for agency pitches and strategic research investigations.  Quoted on request.  

2019 survey will be available from June 2019 onwards.


how it works
futurefact works closely with subscribers and opinion leaders:
To track the changes taking place in our society and identify and interpret emerging social, political and economic trends;
To identify target markets and develop appropriate messages and communication strategies;
For new product development, product and brand positioning; product reinvigoration;
To understand consumer attitudes and behaviour
To inform editorial and communication content and direction.

The contents of each futurefact questionnaire usually include some of the following:


Social mobility and social class:

  • Standard of living compared to parents

  • Standard of living of children at your age

  • Current social class (self) – Lower/working class, middle class, upper middle class, upper class.

  • Parents’ social class at same age

  • Indicators of social class

  • Membership of groups

  • Possibilities of becoming rich


  • How people describe themselves, for example, as South Africans, as Africans, by language group, by cultural group, by religion, etc.

Attitudes and feelings towards South Africa

  • Confidence levels, pride, involvement, the future, etc.

Attitudes towards

  • Africa and race

  • Business and wealth

  • Crime and corruption

  • Employment and unemployment

  • Education and teaching

  • Emigration and immigration

  • Language

  • Service delivery

  • Risk, financial and social capital / life skills

  • Economic facilitators and hindrances

  • Unions and labour

Consumer attitudes and beliefs

  • Brand and image consciousness and how they relate to behaviour patterns

  • Quality of life indicators

Politics and social attitudes

  • Socio-political attitudes

  • Confidence Levels: Confidence in leaders, organisations and institutions

  • Personal level of support for main political parties


  • Items in household, cell phone usage, service providers, internet usage etc.

  • Usage of social media

  • Attitudes to technology

Media - consumption and usage of:

  • Cinema, Internet, magazines, newspapers, radio and TV (free-to-air and satellite)

  • TV genres and types of movies enjoyed




Jos Kuper

+44 7776 287 021

Lauren Shapiro

+27 83 289 2823

Brenda Wortley

+27 83 444 8475


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