futurefact is a research and conference project coordinated by a team of well-known researchers. We see it as an opportunity to work with respected opinion leaders as well as our subscribers, to come up with findings that are relevant and stimulating based on hard data

futurefact associates Jos, Lauren and Penny make up the futurefact team that provides intensive analyses of futurefact's extensive databases, developing narratives relevant to clients' needs and objectives. This enables strategic intervention and scenario planning that resonates with the mindsets of South Africans in our rapidly changing society.


Jos Kuper is a research professional of more than 40 years experience and founded Kuper Research, a consultancy specialising in media, marketing and socio-political analysis.  She is one of the independent researchers responsible for the futurefact survey that has been monitoring the significant social, political and economic attitudinal changes in our country since 1998. She has worked intensively on the various mindsets of South Africans, including the relevance of social mobility, social cohesion and dissent, the digital society as it evolves and the headspaces of audiences and readers of various media.  Jos has given many papers internationally, consults for universities and business schools and has worked in the media field in several countries. She identified the gap in the market for the Daily Sun newspaper and its development which earned her the title ‘mother of the thing’ from the founding publisher.


Lauren Shapiro has been in the research industry in various guises for more than 25 years, from pure research to media planning.  She has partnered Jos at Kuper Research for almost 10 years and is one of the independent researchers responsible for the futurefact survey which has been monitoring the significant social, political and economic attitudinal changes in our country since 1998.  This includes segmentation of the mindsets of South Africans, the development of indices of social cohesion and active citizenship, and media analyses pertinent to specific clients.  She was the vice president of the Pan African Media Research Organisation (PAMRO). She has also been instrumental in training clients and students in the use of research analysis tools and software.


Penny is an independent researcher, consultant and writer specialising in the socio-political and economic environment. In 1976, while with Market Research Africa, she developed and launched Sociomonitor, a highly innovative survey which segmented South Africans according to their values, beliefs and attitudes and linked them to lifestyle, product and media usage. She spent several months in Switzerland working on the Research Institute on Social Change’s ACE (Anticipating Change in Europe) programme. Penny has worked as a research consultant since 1989 with a particular interest in socio-political research, futures research and scenario development. She was vice chairman of the South African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA).  She was one of the founding partners of futurefact in 1998 with Teddy Langschmidt and Debbie Milne and continues to work closely with Jos and Lauren.


Kuper Research was founded by Jos Kuper in 2000.    In partnership with Lauren Shapiro, Kuper Research conducts pertinent studies and analyses for clients.  This includes primary research of a qualitative and quantitative nature but also intensive client dedicated interrogations of the futurefact survey and other secondary data sources.   Jos and Lauren, together with Penny Hoets, are responsible for futurefact which has been monitoring the significant social, political and economic attitudinal trends in our country since 1998.   

The consultancy offers intensive interrogations of the headspaces of relevant client target sectors and segmentaions, including the mindsets of South Africans.  It is involved in the development of indices such as social cohesion and active citizenship, the determination of key issues for communication and positioning strategies, and also the derivation of pertinent editorial and programming content frameworks for key target sectors. 

Kuper Research has extensive experience on the media, marketing and socio-political playing fields and tends to enjoy long term and meaningful relationships with clients.  In 2012/13 the consultancy was commissioned by the media and marketing industry to conduct the intensive Future Proofing Project for audience measurement in South Africa.

Some clients:  DStv, Media24, Brand South Africa, Primedia, the SABC, MediaCom, MTN, GCIS, SAARF, Wits Journalism, Ndalo Media and many others.