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futurefact finds: The race picture in 2016

(First published in The Media April 2016)

Race, as we all know, is a sensitive issue to deal with even in research terms – with some feeling it is a concept that should be relegated to the annals of the past, and others that it cannot be consigned to the dustbin as it is has huge relevance on a number of fronts, not least of which is the commercial space. An offshoot of this debate is that many feel there are several other variables that can be used in lieu of race as obviously the colour of skin is not the critical defining feature.

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Iron Leader

Justice Malala, in his Monday Morning Matters column in The Times (15 April 2013), draws analogies between the strikes that were crippling Britain in the late 70s with those having the same impact in South Africa today. Where Britain had a strong, consistent and decisive leader in Margaret Thatcher who took on the unions and systematically broke their hold on Britain, we have Jacob Zuma and the ANC who have the trade unions as alliance partners in government.

futurefact finds that 80% of South Africans agree (50% strongly) that they would “would like to see a really strong leader emerge who would re-establish order and discipline”.  If there is one place where strong leadership is required in South Africa it is in education.  South Africa’s ranks 143rd out of 144 countries for the quality of its maths and science education and 139th for its overall education system.  How is this possible when South Africa will spend 46.7-bn on education in 2013/14 tax year and when its percentage expenditure on education in terms of GDP (5.3%) ranks 46th out of 132 countries surveyed by nationmaster? 

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Hey Teacher

Hey teacher ... DON’T leave them kids alone ..  they DO need an education

According to Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, truant teachers were absent for close to 7.5 million days last year.